Born in the Bay Area, now headquartered in Los Angeles, Amen has without a doubt cemented his legacy as a force in West Coast Hip-Hop. From playing his part in the careers of your favorite artists to DJ'ing on the biggest stages the world's 5th largest economy has to offer. Amen has lit up every hot nightclub, concerts (opened up for Drake multiple times and countless others), arenas, stadiums (the official DJ of the San Francisco 49ers), television, and can also be heard in prime time daily on one of the biggest Hip-Hop radio stations in the world Real 92.3.

Outside of playing music, Amen's passion and persistence to create sucessful brands are second to none. What started as a collaboration to help a local brand sell clothing ended up being an international success. Landing on some of the biggest names in the culture (Diddy, Dj Khaled, 50 Cent, Future, Nipsey Hussle, and Colin Kaepernick to name a few). The Blessed gear was a hit. "I wanted to create a simple and clean design that meant something, that sparked a positive interaction with whoever owned it no matter what gender, race, or beliefs they identify with," said Amen.

After taking time off from the clothing project to focus on learning national programming strategies at the world's largest audio company iHeartMedia, Amen decided that once the pandemic hit he needed to bring some good energy to the unprecedented time. First, he launched a Relief Fund for the hundreds of out-of-work DJs in California. In a matter of a couple of weeks, he raised over $135,000 by calling upon some of his celebrity friends to help out (Marshmello, G-Eazy, Roddy Ricch, E-40, Mustard, Kehlani, Ty$, Yo Gotti, and YG to name a few). Then, he announced that once the world opened back up and everybody collectively made it through to the other side, he would bring the clothing line back as a reminder of how Blessed we absolutely are.

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